Institution, Human Capital and Development in Indonesia

Release Date:October 2022
Editor(s):Gumilang Aryo Sahadewo, Evi Noor Afifah, Eny Sulistyaningrum, Devanto S. Pratomo, Alin Halimatussadiah, and Budy P. Resosudarmo
Publisher:IRSA Press
Series:IRSA Book Series on Regional Development No. 20
Price:IDR 100,000 (USD 10)

Indonesian government aspires to escape from the middle-income trap before 2045, marking 100 years of the country’s independence. The country cannot achieve this growth by relying on exploitation of natural resources but through improving technical knowhow. This book titled “Institution, Human Capital and Development in Indonesia” contains recent research on the regional aspects of the interlinkage between institutions, human capital in the context of Indonesian economic development. This book also serves as a reminder of the importance of institutions in economic development in Indonesia.


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