Mataram University

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Mataram University was founded in 1963 and is currently have shown positive developments, both physically and in the number of study programs that built. The current study program at FEB consists of nine majors/study programs consisting of: from: DIII Taxation Study Program, Accounting DIII Study Program and DIII Study Program Tourism, S1 Department of Economics and Development Studies (IESP), S1 Management Department, S1 Accounting Department, Management S2 Study Program, Accounting S2 Study Program, and Programs Master’s Degree in Economics.

This Strategic Plan (Renstra) is a medium-term plan that outlines the vision, mission, objectives, strategies and policies of the FEB for 2020-2024. This strategic plan is prepared by maintaining the continuity of faculty development, which is made based on previous evaluations and accommodate internal and external issues growing.


Mataram University and IRSA

Faculty of Economy and Business of the Mataram University has hosted the 17th IRSA Conference (IRSA 2022).


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