Regional Development in Indonesia

Release Date:July 2010
Editor(s):D.S. Priyarsono, Ernan Rustiadi
Center for Regional Systems Analysis, Planning and Development (P4W)
Series:IRSA Book Series on Regional Development No. 8
Price:Sold Out

Table of Contents

  1. Regional Development in Indonesia: Problems, Policies and Prospects, by D.S. Priyarsono and Ernan Rustiadi (download)

Part I. Problems of Regional Development: Poverty, Unemployment, Disparities, and Sustainability

  1. Java Island: Regional Disparity and Sustainability Perspectives, by Ernan Rustiadi, Dyah R. Panuju and Andrea E. Pravitasari (download)
  2. Investigating the Economic Growth Impact on Poverty Reduction in East Java, by Mega Puspitasari, Vitri Nurmalasari, and Achmad Sjafii (download)
  3. Poverty as Child Labour Internal Migration’s Determinant, by Eva Nurwita and Rullan Rinaldi (download)
  4. Regional Persistent Unemployment in Indonesia, by Iman Sugema (download)

Part II. Political Economics of Regional Development: Spatial Planning and Fiscal Policies

  1. Politics of Local Budgeting: the Main Hurdle for Stimulus Efficacy, by Wahyudi Kumorotomo (download)
  2. Reconciling Industrial Cluster and Urban System through Regional Network Governance, by Prihadi Nugroho (download)
  3. Decentralization and its Impact on Primary Education Outcomes, by Deniey A. Purwanto (download)
  4. Fiscal Decentralization and Regional Disparities in Indonesia: Dynamic Panel Data Evidence, by Ahmad Fawaiq Suwanan and Eka Heni Sulistiani (download)

Part III. Prospect of Regional Development: Optimizing Partnership and Local Potential Resources

  1. Promoting and Sustaining Multi-stakeholder’s Process to Make Local Governance Works for Poverty Reduction in Less Developed Region: The Case of Nusa Tenggara Barat, by Astia Dendi (download)
  2. Large-Small Industry Contracting and Regional Development: The Case of Mitra Produksi Sigaret (MSP) – PT. HM Sampoerna, by Catur Sugiyanto (download)
  3. The Roles of Agroindustries in Regional Economic Development: A Case Study in South Kalimantan, by Luthfi Fatah (download)


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