Regional Development, Energy and the Environment in Indonesia

Release Date:June 2009
Editor(s):Bernadette Robiani, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Armida S. Alisjahbana, Aslamia Rosa
Publisher:Sriwijaya University Press
Series:IRSA Book Series on Regional Development No. 7
Price:Sold Out

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction, by Bernadette Robiani, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Armida S. Alisjahbana and Aslamia Rosa (download)

Part I. Regional Development

  1. Why Decentralization Failed: The Role of Institutional Factors, by Iwan Jaya Azis (download)
  2. Shared Revenue and Regional Expansion: The Case of Bengkalis Region, by Hefrizal Handra (download)
  3. Improving Regional Economic Development through Promoting Agglomeration Economics, by D.S. Priyarsono and M. Irfan Affandi (download)
  4. Public Private Partnership Scheme for Financing the Development of Low Cost Apartments in Urban Areas, by Habsari Kuspurwahati (download)
  5. Preliminary Analysis of Spatial Regional Growth Elasticity of Poverty in Sumatra, by Waleerat Suphannachart and Budy P. Resosudarmo (download)

Part II. Energy

  1. The Impact of World Oil Price Fluctuation on the Indonesian Economy, by Muhammad Zilal Hamzah and R. Suryadi (download)
  2. The Role of the Mining Sector in South Sumatra, by Syamsurijal A.K. (download)

Part III. The Environment

  1. Greenhouse Gas Emission in Indonesia: The Significance of Fossil Fuel Combustion, by Budy P. Resosudarmo, Ditya A. Nurdianto and Arief A. Yusuf (download)
  2. Income-Environment Quality Relationship, by Deni Kusumawardani (download)


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