Regional Development and Finances: Challenges for Expanding and Financing Public Services

Release Date:June 2012
Editor(s):Hefrizal Handra, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Arief A. Yusuf, Elfindri and Efa Yonnedi
Publisher:Andalas University Press
Series:IRSA Book Series on Regional Development No. 10
Price:Sold Out

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction, by Hefrizal Handra, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Arief A. Yusuf, Elfindri and Efa Yonnedi (download)

Part I. Regional Development in the Era of Decentralization

  1. Current Social and Economic Issues of Regional Development in Indonesia, by Sjafrizal (download)
  2. Creating Knowledge Regions: Indonesia’s Challenge and Future, by Galuh Syahbana Indraprahasta (download)
  3. Analysis of Regional Growth and Volatility Using a Spatial Econometric Approach: A Case of Indonesia, by Agus Salim and Yulismi (download)

Part II. Disparities and Poverty Issues of Regional Development

  1. Impact Analysis on Infrastructure Development Program to Reduce Poverty in Indonesia’s Underdeveloped Region, by Perwita Sari, Nunung Nuryartono and Lukytawati Anggraeni (download)
  2. A Study on Income Disparity in Indonesia Using CGE Mode, by Hiroshi Sakamoto (download)
  3. Urban Inequality in Indonesia, by Akita Takahiro and Alit Pirmansah (download)

Part III. Financing the Regional Development: Challenges for Improvement and Expansion of Services

  1. An Evaluation on Institution of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Indonesia, by Arief Ramayandi and Arief Bustaman (download)
  2. The Impact of Semarang Airport Expansion on the Regional Economy of Central Java, by D.S. Priyarsono (download)
  3. Forward Estimates for Intergovernmental Transfers in Indonesia: Is It Possible?, by Hefrizal Handra (download)
  4. Specific Grant in Indonesia: Is It Really Specific?, by Kodrat Wibowo, Astia Dendi and Zulhanif (download)

Part IV. Environmental, Human Resources and Governance Issues in Regional Development

  1. Peat Swamp Forest Management Scenarios Based on Total Economic Value, by Syafrul Yunardy and Nur Arifatul Ulya (download)
  2. Wage and Labor Union in Manufacturing Sectors, by Pipit Pitriyan and Adiatma Siregar (download)
  3. IT Value Creating in Indonesian Local Government: A Service Model, by Herry Irawan, Suhardi and Alfira Sofia (download)
  4. Improving Local Government Financial Reporting, by Fauzan Misra (download)


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