Government and Communities: Sharing Indonesia’s Common Goals

“We found many cases where government and communities together take up challenges through various innovative policies and initiatives. We learn that not only we all share common dream which is a just and prosperous Indonesia, but also are actively engaged and work hard to achieve that. This book is prepared in the spirit of spreading this optimism.” Armida S. Alisjahbana, President of Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) and Minister of National Development Planning

Table of Contents

Mohamad Fahmi, Arief A. Yusuf, Muhamad Purnagunawan, Budy P. Resosudarmo and D.S. Priyarsono

Part I – Current Status in Reaching Common Goals

  • Chapter 1 – Spatial Dichotomy in Indonesia’s Regional Development Before and After Decentralisation
    Yogi Vidyattama
  • Chapter 2 – Income Polarization and Its Effect on Economic Growth in Indonesia
    Alvin Pratama
  • Chapter 3 – The Role of Government in Improving the Quality of Education and Its Provision: The Case of Public Junior Secondary Schools in Indonesia
    Bayu Kharisma and Viktor Pirmana
  • Chapter 4 – Does Ethnic Diversity and Income Disparity Undermine Local Public Good Provision?: Evidence from Indonesia
    Ni Made Sukartini

Part II – Building National, Regional and Local Strategies

  • Chapter 5 – The Roles of Civil Society in Governing Disaster Reduction in Indonesia
    Jonatan A. Lassa, Dominggus Elcid Li, Rudi Rohi, Saut Sagala and Yosef Boli Sura
  • Chapter 6 – Islamic Banking in Indonesia: Determinants that Stimulate Its Role as Focal Financial Intermediaries
    Fitri Hastuti
  • Chapter 7 – Rice for the Poor: Evaluating Expenditure and Infrastructure Criteria
    Maxensius Tri Sambodo, Esta Lestari and Tuti Ermawati
  • Chapter 8 – Spatial Allocation Policy of Public Investment in the Pre- and Post-Decentralization Period in Indonesia and Japan
    Mitsuhiko Kataoka and Kodrat Wibowo

Part III – Lessons from Regions and Cities

  • Chapter 9 – The Resilience of Beach-Line Society of Kedonganan Village, Badung, Bali: An Approach to Social Capital and Institutional Factor
    Luh Gede Meydianawathi and Putu Desy Apriliani
  • Chapter 10 – Building Resilience to Climate Change in the City of Bandar Lampung, Indonesia
    Jonatan A. Lassa and Erwin Nugraha
  • Chapter 11 – City Population Changes in Post-Disaster Region: A Case of Post-Tsunami Aceh, Indonesia
    Saiful Mahdi
  • Chapter 12 – Problems and Prospects of Organic Farming in Indonesia: Lessons Learnt from Five Districts in West Java Province
    Siwi Nugraheni and Agustinus Febi Dwi Purnama


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