Regional Development, Natural Resources and Public Goods in Indonesia during the Global Financial Crisis

“I welcome the publication of this book which is based on a selection of papers presented at the 11th IRSA International Conference on “Natural Resources, Environment and People’s Welfare in Decentralized Indonesia”, held in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, in July 2012. Some of the chapter in this book are ased on papers that were presented in seminars in collaboration with IRSA in 2012. This book, is a timely contribution to the growing body of academic literature examining Indonesia’s development in recent years.”
Armida S. Alisjahbana
President of Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) and Minister of National Development Planning

Table of Contents

M. Handry Imansyah, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Suryani, Syahrituah Siregar, D.S. Priyarsono, Arief A. Yusuf

Part I – Global Financial Crisis

  • Chapter 1 – The Indonesian 2009 Fiscal Stimulus Package: A Preliminary Analysis
    Abdurohman, Budy P. Resosudarmo

Part II – Regional Development

  • Chapter 2 – The Role of Natural Resources and Human Capital in the Economic Growth in Indonesia
    Dewi Rahayu, Munawar Ismail
  • Chapter 3 – Impact of Rice Production Surplus on National and Regional Economies
    Hermanto, Reni Kustiari, Helena J. Purba
  • Chapter 4 – Re-strengthening the Role of Railways for Inter Regional Transportation
    Miming Miharja and Sheryta Arsallia
  • Chapter 5 – Study of Regional Disparity in Indonesia using a Multi-region CGE Model
    Hiroshi Sakamoto

Part III – Poverty

  • Chapter 6 – Does Regional Government Spending Matter to Regional Poverty Dynamics?
    Erick Hansnata, Budy P. Resosudarmo and Dharma Iswara Bagoes Oka
  • Chapter 7 – Intertemporal Decomposition Analysis of Inequality: The Case of Indonesia
    Kazutoshi Nakamura and Susumu Hondai
  • Chapter 8 – Non-Economic Dimensions of Poverty: A Case of Small Islands in Maluku Province
    Wardis Girsang

Part IV – Natural Resources

  • Chapter 9 – Macro-Economic Implications of Natural Gas Pricing in Indonesia
    Aldi Hutagalung and Djoni Hartono
  • Chapter 10 – New Developments of Geothermal (Renewable) Energy in Indonesia
    Montty Girianna, Antonie De Wilde, Fillia Dewi Arga
  • Chapter 11 – Can REDD+ Work under the Dichotomy of Conservation and Economic Objectives?: A Preliminary Analysis from Indonesia
    Ida Aju Pradnja Resosudarmo, Sofi Mardiah, Nugroho Adi Utomo

Part V – Public Goods

  • Chapter 12 – Water and Sanitation for Indonesian Children: Progress and Challenges?
    Vita Febriany, Widjajanti Isdijoso and Nila Warda
  • Chapter 13 – Social Capital to Strengthen Collective Action in Environmental Protection: Preliminary Analysis in Indonesia
    Alin Halimatussadiah, Budy P. Resosudarmo, Diah Widyawati


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