Regional Development in Transition: Governance, Public Services, and Eco-Tourism

Release Date:2005
Editor(s):Catur Sugiyanto, Mudrajad Kuncoro
Publisher:Gadjah Mada University
Series:IRSA Book Series on Regional Development No. 4
Price:Sold Out

Table of Contents 

  1. A Synopsis, by Catur Sugiyanto and Mudradjad Kuncoro (download
  2. Adopting Industrial Cluster Concept into Regional Development Policy in Indonesia, by Wiwandari Handayani and Pribadi Nugroho (download
  3. Analysis of Fiscal Effort and Transfer in the Local Economic Development: Empirical Study of Public Fianance of Local Government in Indonesia, by Didik Susetyo
  4. Determinants of Local Government Expenditures: The Case of Indonesia Pre- and First Year of Decentralization, by Fauziah Swasono (download)  
  5. Handling Problematic Local Regulation (Perda): One Aspect of Managing Decentaralization in Indonesia, by Edi Priyono (download
  6. Operating Cost Structure of the Indonesian High School, by Catur Sugiyanto and Tri Widodo (download
  7. Pro-poor Pricing in Health and Education: A Case Study of Indonesia, by Tri Widodo and Catur Sugiyanto (download)
  8. The Optimal Size of Local Government and Fiscal Decentralization in Indonesia, by Takahiro Akita and Subkhan (download)
  9. An Empirical Investigation of Corporate Real Estate Asset Management (CREAM) Practices in Indonesia Companies: A Roadmap toward Successful Good Corporate Governance and Reformation Program, by Wakhid Slamet Ciptono (download)
  10. Determining Priority. Of Small Industry Cluster Variables as a Policy Direction in Small Industry Development: A Case Study in Rubber Industry Kiara Condong, West Java, by I.G.A. Happy Trindira (download)
  11. Domestic Regulatory Constraints to Labor-Intensive Manufacturing Exports, by Mudrajad Kuncoro (download)
  12. Policy Lessons for SME Clusters Development in West Java Province in Indonesia, by Rina Indiastuti (download)
  13. Spatial Dynamics of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Recent Economic Crisis, by Aloysius Gunadi Brata (download)


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